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Organic cotton dress socks for every day


Start your day on a sustainable foot with these organic cotton everyday socks.

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The organic cotton dress socks are lightweight, natural and breathable. They can be comfortably worn with dress shoes, hence their name: dress socks. Off course, it means that they fit into any type of shoes, making them perfect for everyday use. Choose from a variety of colours (more to come) to brighten up the day or add style to formal looks. If you need some inspiration and guidance read GQ’s article on How to wear mens dress socks.

Organic cotton socks are a safe, healthy and sustainable choice. They are paraben-free and contain fewer chemicals/toxins in every part of the production process. They are kind to the skin and hypoallergenic. Organic cotton is also a very strong and resilient material, so the socks we create will last longer, whilst looking great – so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing quality to shop more sustainably.

They are also machine washable – please follow the washing instruction booklet included in your package.

5 reasons organic cotton is a sustainable choice:

  1. Combats climate change
  2. Saves and protects precious water
  3. Helps farmers feed their families
  4. Gives control to farmers not GM companies
  5. Eliminates hazardous synthetic pesticides

Please note we don’t recommend organic cotton dress socks for hiking or any high intensity activity because of their moisture retaining qualities

80% cotton/20% nylon

Length: Crew/Mid-calf

S (UK 4-7)
M (UK 8-10)
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