Mohair trainer socks with cushioned sole


Get the “runner’s high” with these mohair ankle socks

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Specially designed for sport’s wear but don’t worry if running is not your thing you can still wear these awesome socks, the cushioned sole and reinforced heel will make sure that you stay in comfort all day. Moisture is ‘wicked’ away so your feet remain dry, ideal for wearing trainers. Wiggle, dance, run or just meander, these socks are knitted for durability so should keep you company in the long run.

The mohair yarn will keep you odour free and thanks to its antibacterial properties doesn’t require wash after every use. Hypoallergenic and controls temperature so you can be cool for the summer and warm in the winter.

70% mohair/30% nylon

Length: Ankle

S (UK 4-7)


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