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We proudly present our high quality, beautifully made products using skills developed over 4 generations of the Swift family. Traditional methods, sustainably sourced natural fibres and luxurious durability.

Made in England from natural fibres

Breathable, moisture wicking and hard wearing. Your feet will thank you for the treat. These socks will give you the warmth and comfort you desire and all of them are machine washable.

Walk the distance

Whether you’re hiking, camping, strolling for creative inspiration, walking the dog or meandering with a companion, our cushioned range will ensure you walk the distance in great comfort.

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Established 1895

125 Years of Quality

Outdoor socks shop
Natural materials
Who we are

What we’re about; that joyful moment when you put your tired, achy, cold feet into warm luxury. Softness that fits and caresses your foot, socks that are so comfortable that you may forget you even wearing them and when you do, you remember how special they are.

Do you love being outside? Whether you are walking, gardening, watching sport or just relaxing, our aim is to make the perfect partner for your pastime. Warm in winter, cool in summer – that’s what our natural fibres give you. Alpaca and wool have natural wicking and thermal properties which manmade fibres yet to match.

Loud socks, quiet socks, functional socks, luxury socks, never ordinary socks.