Alpaca walking socks

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Walk in luxury with these gorgeous flecky alpaca socks

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A good walk starts with quality socks. What we really want from our walking socks is to regulate foot temperature, cushioning from walking all day, promote good circulation and of course, help prevent those annoying blisters. That is what we combined into our alpaca walking socks.

These socks are padded on the heel and sole which acts as a cushion so your feet get less tired or sore, particularly on long hikes or if wearing heavier boots.

Blisters are caused by friction and moisture. Part of avoiding friction is the above mentioned cushioning, the other part is to get the right size. Alpaca has incredible moisture-wicking properties so it will keep your feet dry. What’s more, is that alpaca fibre will keep you odour free and thanks to its antibacterial properties doesn’t require washing after every use. Hypoallergenic and controls the temperature so you can be cool for the summer and warm in the winter. Learn about all the goodness that is alpaca bed socks in this article.

The alpaca yarn is undyed, therefore it has been treated with less chemicals and it is more durable. We only put nylon into this sock to ensure a nice grip on the feet so it will stay up after miles of walking. And if we have to add some nylon why not make it fancy and give some fun colours to the ecru alpaca fleece. We are seriously proud of this sock. Try it for yourself and let us know. An important rule to remember about sock length, is that the sock should always come up to just over the top of your chosen footwear. If the sock is too short, the boot will rub your ankle Always wash your socks inside out – the water gets amongst the cushioning, bringing it back to life and it will feel like putting new socks on every time. If we didn’t convinced you yet get a second opinion here.

75% alpaca/25% nylon

Length: Short/Crew

S (UK 4-7)
M (UK 8-10)

2 reviews for Alpaca walking socks

  1. Janine (verified owner)

    Excellent quality socks, what a find. These socks don’t have a bulky ridge at the toe join which is important to me, this quality in my opinion is difficult to find these days. They are lovely and thick but at the same time seem to be soft but durable and are a lovely colour (I ordered the turquoise).I have yet to wash them but so far I am so pleased I will be ordering another pair.

  2. Martin (verified owner)

    Silky and thick socks.They are warmer than sheep wool walking socks but somehow your feet don’t overheat. Very well made. Quality. Love them.

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