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Interview with Neil Swift by Socko

On her most recent visit to our factory, Emma Mathews – founder of Socko, author of How to quit fast fashion – cornered Neil Swift, fourth-generation director of J. Alex Swift. She asked him the all-important questions about making in the UK and takes a deeper dive into what goes into a great sock.

We admire Emma’s dedication to sustainability and her care for the planet.

Socks need to endure all day friction and although we knit high-quality products, over time they can develop holes. Especially if you wear your favourite pair day in, day out. But a hole or a loosened stitch shouldn’t mean you have to throw away that well-loved pair.

Have you heard about the art of darning? Repairing your socks (or any item you already own) can save costs for you and resources for the planet. To learn how, attend Socko’s darning workshop.


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