90% British wool wellington sock


A traditional shooting sock with traditional colours, knitted with British yarn

Blue Lovat
Derby Tweed
Green Lovat
Navy Blue


British Wool wellington socks with turn over top

Talk about durability. These wool wellington socks will serve you for years. High-quality, sturdy British wool yarn knitted with traditional methods into colours of the countryside. Ideal for Wellingtons and high boots and the generous turn over top will hold your garters nicely. No cushioning on the foot so it will fit easily into any tight space. Has a simple design as these socks were made with practicality in mind, yet there is a great selection of colours. They are not as soft as our alpaca country socks but in return they are very tough.

You can use them as shooting socks, riding socks or “I’m on an adventure” socks. Either way these hard wearing welly socks are good company.

If you prefer the knee high version of this style try the British wool half hose.

To make them last remember to wash it on 40 degree on a wool or gentle cycle.

Benefits of high wool content socks:

  • Thermal
  • Antibacterial
  • Breathable
  • Hard-wearing
  • Great insulation
  • Resist odours
  • Moisture wicking – keeps the feet dry
  • Low-maintenance
  • Machine washable

90% British wool/10% nylon

Knee high with turn over top, ribbed knit up the leg

S (UK 4-7)
M (UK 8-10)
L (UK 11-12)
XL (UK 12-13)


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