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Natural Materials

They are all natural fibres and will have similar properties but in case you’d like to know the details here they are.

Luxurious Alpaca

Alpaca wool is one of the finest luxury fibres, it has all the benefits of sheep wool and some. Alpacas are shorn once a year, without harm. Due to the soft texture alpaca fleece is often compared to cashmere, it is just as warm as wool, yet lighter. It comes in various natural colours and shades.

The fibre is naturally hypoallergenic as it doesn’t contain lanolin. Compared to regular wool the fibre is smooth and avoids itching or skin irritations. The Alpaca fleece wicks away moisture and redistributes it around the sock so that your feet always feel dry.

It is a high quality, environmental friendly and natural renewable resource. It is extremely strong but fine at the same time and has three times the insulating capacity compared to sheep’s wool products.

Alpaca have incredible bacteria-repelling properties, can be worn for a week before needing to be cleaned. They are machine washable on low temperature and wool cycle.

Here is a list of all the benefits

– Natural and biodegradable 
– Soft and silky
– Thermal properties, cool in the summer, yet warm in the winter.
– Durable and stain-resistant
– Breathability 
– Wicks away body moisture
– Resists odours
– Warm when wet
– Won’t mat or pill
– Flame resistant 

Wonderous Wool

Wool is a natural fibre grown on sheep that roam freely in the countryside and on the hills. Sheep re-grow their fleece every year, making wool one of the most sustainable fibres available. Farming also helps to preserve landscapes, as sheep grazing maintains our countryside, creating habitats for wildlife to thrive.

As long as there is grass for sheep to eat, wool can be produced, in contrast to synthetic fibres, which require oil and refineries, a non-renewable resource for man-made fibre production.

Wool can breathe, absorbing water vapour from the body and releasing it into the atmosphere

This means that if you wear around you, sweat is easily and consistently wicked away from your skin keeping your or your child’s skin healthy.  Soft Merino wools are fabulous next to the skin, and non-itchy for most people.

Wool can dynamically respond to the environment and help regulate temperature

Wool moves moisture away from your skin faster or slower, depending on your body temperature and the environment.  This is because it has evolved naturally to help keep sheep comfortable as temperatures change – and it does the same for you and your baby or child.  In this way, it helps keep the body’s temperature stable even if you warm up through exercise, cool down through sitting still, or are affected by changing external temperatures.  Your body has to do less work, and it’s more relaxed in a way – and wool helps the body relax into sleep too.

Wool can clean itself (oh yes!)

This benefits you as you don’t have to wash it very often.  In fact, most natural wool clothes can be hung up to air and then worn again – the “wear then air” approach.  

Wool repels rain (think: sheep)

It’s not entirely waterproof of course, but it’s surprisingly showerproof and what’s more, it can absorb water without feeling cold and wet.  You know how cotton gets cold when it’s wet?  Wool stays warm and dry-feeling for much, much longer.  This is great for kids on the beach in Spring or in muddy puddles, and great if you’re hiking in the Lake District too. 

Wool is good for summer!

Because wool can respond dynamically to what’s going on around it, it’s an excellent year-round fibre.  Fine layers of wool work brilliantly as underlayers in winter and top layers in summer – and it’s also naturally UV protective too.  

Wool is a natural “high-performance” fabric – it’s naturally good for your skin and body. Because of this, it’s very helpful in keeping you and your family healthy, relaxed and rested.

Scrumptious Cotton

Breathable: Unlike most synthetic fabrics, cotton absorbs the sweat from your body and allows it to evaporate into the air.

Soft: Cotton is a soft and stretchy fabric that is comfortable to wear.

Natural: While synthetic fabrics are manufactured with chemicals, cotton is a natural fabric that does not irritate the skin.

Non-allergenic: Cotton fabrics do not cause skin allergies, which is why they are recommended for babies and people with sensitive skin. This is also one of the reasons why bandages and gauze are made with cotton.

Strong: Cotton fibres are spun into a tight yarn that is both strong and durable. In fact, it is 30 percent stronger when it is wet, so it can withstand quite a few washes. It happens to be stain-repellent too. 


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