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The Ultimate Guide to Cushioned Socks and why they are beneficial for your feet

This article delivers an overview of luxury cushioned socks’ how’s, why’s and don’ts.

Ranges of socks are available today to cover the whole colour palette, all lengths, and every trend. And while socks are becoming a fashion item it is important to choose by functionality. Socks should be an essential part of our foot care routine as they can make a huge difference to how our feet and ultimately, we feel.

And if you ever had sore feet, you know that cushioning makes all the difference.


Feet can be sore without cushioned socks
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What are Cushioned Socks?

Cushioned socks are a type of sock that has extra padding, usually on the sole and heel of the foot, however, you can find all-over cushioned socks. This padding can provide foot support for walking and cushioning for people who stand or walk for long periods.

Cushioned socks can be used in many ways, depending on your needs and lifestyle. For example, some people use them as a preventative measure against plantar fasciitis (heel and foot pain) while others use them as an injury treatment after they’ve already had an issue with their feet.

How is cushioning achieved in socks? (Nerd alert)

With terry loops. Okay, you probably need more information than that.

You might have heard of “terry cloth”, most used in towels. Let’s get an expert “Fine Linen and Bath” to explain:

“Terry is a specific style of weaving. First introduced in the 1840s, terry is made with uncut loops — known as “piles” — that stands up off the base, or ground, of the fabric. Most fabric is made by weaving yarn in two directions: vertical (warp) and transverse horizontal (weft). Terry cloth is made using two warp beams: the ground warp, which helps form the base of the towel, and the pile warp, which creates the loops of thread. These loops stand off the base on both sides of the fabric to increase surface area, enhance absorbency, and maintain a soft feel.

French terry is a knit fabric with loops only on one side. This style used primarily for sweatshirts, casual clothing, and other knit sportswear as opposed to bath linen.”

And as we now know, socks.


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What are the advantages?

Terry jacks pull the threads during the sock knitting process to form a loop between every stitch, just like the surface of a towel. That increases the surface area significantly which also increases moisture-wicking properties. What does that mean? You can walk as far as you want or run as fast as you can, you will still have dry feet and most importantly no blisters.

All those loops created also give the socks a cushiony feel and air pockets that create insulation.

The health risks associated with wearing regular socks are eliminated because cushioned socks offer protection against compression, rubbing, and blisters. They also provide warmth to the feet during cold weather and support for those who suffer from foot problems such as plantar fasciitis or diabetes.

Cushioned socks are designed to provide protection and comfort to the wearer. Several benefits come with wearing these types of socks.

  • Protect Your Feet from Injury
  • Reduce Stress from Pressure (Gravity)
  • Manage Moisture
  • Made to Fit the Dynamic Nature of the Foot
  • Comfort and Durability
  • Insulation

Cushioned socks vs other styles of socks

Cushioned socks provide extra protection and support for the feet. They are recommended by podiatrists, orthopaedists, and doctors. However, they also have their disadvantages.

Most cushioned socks are generally thicker (but not all), they are not ideal for tight shoes as wearing thick cushioned socks in tight shoes causes discomfort.

And this last one is very specific: if you are a sprinter cushioned socks may affect your responsiveness and possibly affect your running speed. If you are running longer distances or running casually this won’t affect you.


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How to care for cushioned socks?

You should wash any garment by their washing instructions. Of course, there is no inside label for socks (although J. Alex Swift include washing instruction with every package sent out). With footwear go by the material. So wash wool socks like wool jumpers on a wool cycle.

A general rule of thumb is that the more luxurious (expensive) the sock is the gentler you need to wash it. You can never go wrong with hand wash.

As for cushioned socks: wash inside out so the loops refresh and keep giving you the ultimate comfort and softness.


Cushioning in socks is achieved by terry loops or “French terry” which is a special type of knitting that makes socks softer and more moisture-wicking.

Cushioned socks help to keep the feet dry and blister-free. It gives more comfort so you can perform your activity longer. It has great insulation which keeps your feet warm.

Be aware that most cushioned socks are on the thicker side and won’t fit into tight shoes.

How did cushioned socks help you? Let us know in the comments below.

Aniko Madi