Mohair hiking socks – cushioned


Conquer the great outdoors with comfort and dry feet

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A good hike starts with quality socks. What we really want from our hiking socks is to regulate foot temperature, be comfortable all day, promote good circulation and of course, help prevent those annoying blisters. That is what we combined into our mohair hiking socks.

These socks are padded on the heel and sole which acts as a cushion so your feet get less tired or sore, particularly on long hikes or if wearing heavier boots.

Blisters are caused by friction and moisture. Part of avoiding friction is the above mentioned cushioning, the other part is to get the right size. Mohair has incredible moisture-wicking properties so it will keep your feet dry whether walking the dog or conquering mountains. What’s more, is that mohair fibre will keep you odour free and thanks to its antibacterial properties don’t require washing after every use. Hypoallergenic and controls the temperature so you can be cool for the summer and warm in the winter.

The exceptionally strong fibres have a tensile strength that rivals that of steel, and because of this and its gorgeous sheen it is known as the “diamond fibre.” super tough and hard-wearing, while still being soft. Mohair hiking socks are a great companion for outdoor activities and also can be used as a work sock because of their endurance.

An important rule to remember about sock length is that the sock should always come up to just over the top of your chosen footwear. If the sock is too short, the boot will rub your ankle. Always wash your socks inside out – the water gets amongst the cushioning, bringing it back to life and it will feel like putting new socks on every time.

For even softer socks try our alpaca walking socks here 70% mohair/30% nylon

Length: Short/Crew

S (UK 4-7)
M (UK 8-10)
L (UK 11-12)


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