Mens Alpaca Bed socks – The Comfort Sock


Spend your time at home in comfort with these chunky luxury bed socks.

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Whether you are working from home or just lounging around the house the mens alpaca bed socks will give you the comfort you deserve. The super-soft natural fibre of the alpaca wool will righteously spoil your feet. You can wear it in bed to warm you up and help you get a better night’s sleep (find out how here). Do you like reading a book on the sofa or maybe chasing your dog and/or kids in the living room? These chunky socks will be your loyal companion. And what a nice gift to give!

The alpaca yarn will keep you odour free and thanks to its antibacterial properties doesn’t require washing after every use. Hypoallergenic and controls the temperature so you can be cool for the summer and warm in the winter. Learn about all the goodness that is alpaca bed socks in this article.

Some popular use of the mens alpaca bed socks are for foot injury; swollen ankles; cold feet; staying in hospital. However, nourishing yourself and caring about foot health is plenty enough of a reason. There is a little note in the package so the person who receives them as a gift will know how special they are to get alpaca bed socks from you. (We also include a great washing instruction booklet because yes, our alpaca socks are machine washable on a gentle low heat cycle.)

Please note that we don’t recommend using bed socks with any type of shoes. You can use them instead of slippers.

90% alpaca/10% nylon

Style: ribbed up the leg; contrast heel, toe and top
Length: Short/Crew

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